Dankes-Rede der Schülersprecherin

The chairman, the headmaster, members of staff, fellow students, Ladies and Gentlemen, as the Senior Girl´s Prefect of this school, i deem it a great honour to bring to your notice a help from the Akuma for Africa an NGO:

I am absolutly grateful for the help being given to this school by Akuma for Africa an NGO during tenure of my period as the Senior Girl´s Prefect of this school.

I deem it a blessing from God. Really, i´m blessed, absolutly blessed because this school has been in existence for 32 years, but never occured that this help came from any other end but during my time. This gives me a reason to rejoice. I will actually boast with throughout my life that things that enhanced teaching and learning in this school started from my time.

As a matter of fact, what you have started donating to this school is going to catapult the image, the standard and the name of this school for the best.

We will use everything that you donate to this school judically to uphold the name and image for Akuma for Africa and this school.

On behalf of proprietor, the body of staff and my fellow pupils of this school, i sincerely thank you in advance for all that you have done for this school and plan doing for this school.

I pray that God endow upon you the shower of rich Blessings.